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Akothee reacts to Jaguar’s wealth claim

Musician and businesswoman, Akothee, has expressed her views on fellow musician and politician, Charles Njagua Kanyi, aka Jaguar’s recent statement about being richer than her. In response to this claim, Akothee said that men should not compare themselves with women and that musicians who switch to politics usually do so for financial gain and to remain relevant in power.

Akothee also highlighted that some politicians do not have any intention of helping the ordinary citizens but instead, they are focused on personal gain. She warned Jaguar against flaunting his wealth while boarding flights paid for by the government and challenged him to use his resources for charitable causes. Akothee also criticized the trend of politicians engaging in online fundraisers, stating that it is a mere public relations stunt, and called for a more genuine approach to philanthropy.

Akothee also warned people not to use her name for clout-chasing purposes, except for Eric Omondi, whom she considers to be in her league. She emphasized that she is not interested in holding any government position because she is “government” herself.

Meanwhile, Jaguar had stated in an interview that he would quit music if Akothee and another artist, Harmonize, were indeed richer than him. While he had been ranked as the seventh richest artist in East Africa with a net worth of $7 million by Forbes in 2023, Akothee was listed as the fourth richest artist in East Africa, with a net worth of $7.6 million.

At the end of the day, wealth is subjective, and it is unwise to compare oneself to others based on material possessions. Instead, we should focus on using our resources to make a positive impact on society and live fulfilling lives.

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