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The Inspiring Life of Becky Robbins: Philanthropist, Artist, and Author

Becky Robbins – The Life and Career of an American Philanthropist and Inspirational Figure

Becky Robbins is a notable figure in America, renowned for her work as a philanthropist, life coach, artist, author, and painter. Despite leading a relatively private life, Robbins has made an impact in various spheres, inspiring people to break boundaries, pursue their dreams, and live fulfilling lives. In this article, we delve into her life story, examining her upbringing, education, career, relationships, and impact.

Early Life and Education

Becky Jenkins Robbins was born in California, USA, in 1962. Although her exact birth date is not publicly known, it is understood that she was raised in California and attended schools within her home state. Ever passionate about medicine, Robbins studied biology and anatomy while in school, eventually graduating as a certified nurse.

Robbins’ family background, including details of her parents and siblings, remains unknown to the public. However, we can confirm that she is a devoted Christian and stands tall at 6’5″ (196cm), weighing 60kg.

Career and Professional Life

At the young age of 17, Becky Robbins decided to pursue a different path other than medicine. She quit her nursing job, which she disliked due to patient care, to venture into other areas.

Over time, Robbins had multiple professions, making it easy to see why she is a self-proclaimed jack of all trades. Besides being a philanthropist and life coach, she is also an artist and author. She has even featured in several infomercials, the first being “Personal Power,” pushed by Guthy Renker to reach a US audience of over 100 million.

One of the pivotal moments in Robbins’ career came in 1980 when she met John Grinder, a neuro-linguistic act, and the two became workmates. During this time, she promoted seminars of various prolific personalities such as NLP Erickson Ian Hypnosis lessons.

Robbins worked closely with her ex-spouse, Tony Robbins, for many years. Her marriage to the celebrated life coach and author played a part in the success of her career. Tony employed Becky as the Vice President of Robbins Research International, where she continued working even after their bitter divorce.

Relationships, Marriage, and Children

Becky Robbins’ first marriage was at age 18 to an unknown man. The marriage was blessed with three children, but she eventually realized that she was not happy in the union. Thus, the couple settled for divorce, leaving Robbins as a single mother.

During her divorce proceedings, Robbins attended Tonny Robbins’s seminar dubbed “Unleashing The Power Within” and decided to take the front seat. Here, she got to meet Tony Robbins, whom she later eloped with backstage. The two dated for a while before solemnizing their union in 1984.

Becky and Tony’s marriage was not smooth sailing, and they eventually split in 2001. This was the second marriage for Becky, following two divorces. The couple had a daughter, Joly Jenkins, together. However, Becky’s marriage to Tony was marred with cheating claims. Tony fathered a son named Jairek Robbins through an extramarital affair with ex-girlfriend Liz Acosta. He later divorced Bonnie Humphrey to marry Sage Robbins, whom he is still married to date but has no kids with.

Though Becky Robbins is not currently engaged in any known romantic relationship, she continues to inspire and empower people, particularly women, in society.

Net Worth

Becky Robbins’ estimated net worth is $2 million, which comes from her position as Vice President of Robbins Research International and her career as a life coach, artist, and author. She also runs a website where she sells her paintings to customers worldwide.

Where Is Becky Robbins Now?

After the divorce, Becky Robbins chose to lead a private life away from the media. However, she is known to be working as an inspirational speaker, author, philanthropist, adventurer, and painter. Her painting studio in Del Mar, San Diego, California, showcases some of her great artwork.

Hobbies and Favorite Things

Becky Robbins loves Chinese cuisine and cites Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as her favorite actor, Megan Fox as her favorite actress, and Paris, France, as her preferred tourist destination. She also has a particular fondness for the color black.

In summary, Becky Robbins’ multifaceted career and inspiring personal story make her an influential figure worth emulating. Despite various ups and downs, Robbins has continued to push boundaries, blaze trails, and inspire others, making her an indispensable voice in society.



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