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Controversial Preacher James Maina Ng’ang’a Opens Up About Family’s Struggles with Generational Curses

Controversial preacher James Maina Ng’ang’a has spoken out about his family’s struggles during a recent sermon at his Neno Evangelism Centre Church. Speaking on the topic of generational curses, Ng’ang’a revealed that two of his brothers are gay, despite having previously been married to women.

According to Ng’ang’a, his brothers were born straight but later divorced their wives and entered into relationships with other men. The preacher also shared that two of his younger brothers lost their wives due to the same generational curse that he believes affected his family.

Ng’ang’a himself has been affected by the curse, as his first wife passed away. He spoke about how he had to pray and fast to break the curse that seemed to be plaguing his family.

The preacher’s revelation about his family’s struggles has sparked discussion and debate among his followers and critics alike. Many have praised Ng’ang’a for being open and honest about such a sensitive topic, while others have criticized him for using his family’s experiences to make a point in his sermon.

Despite the controversy surrounding his statements, Ng’ang’a remains steadfast in his belief that generational curses can be broken through prayer and faith. His message continues to resonate with his congregation, who come to him seeking guidance and inspiration on their own spiritual journeys.



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