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DCI Detectives Confirm Murder of Jeff Mwathi

The Director of Criminal Investigations detectives have recently announced that their investigation into the death of Jeff Mwathi has concluded that he did not commit suicide, as previously speculated. Rather, they have determined that the 23-year-old interior designer was murdered.


Citizen TV has reported that the detectives have uncovered evidence indicating that Jeff was killed inside the residence before being tossed from the rooftop of the building where DJ Fatxo lives. The DCI detectives’ initial findings suggest that there was an altercation involving at least five individuals at DJ Fatxo’s house, which may have led to Jeff’s death.


Initially, Jeff was reported to have jumped from the 10th floor of DJ Fatxo’s apartment in Kasarani. However, after Interior CS Kithure Kindiki ordered a thorough investigation into the matter, the DCI took over the investigation from the Kasarani police station.


The second phase of the investigation into Jeff’s death will involve questioning witnesses at the DCI offices. This will be a crucial step in determining the circumstances surrounding his death and identifying those responsible.



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