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Deputy President Gachagua Expresses Gratitude for Rainfall at Mt Kenya

On an early Saturday morning, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua made his way back to the mountain-Mt Kenya to express his gratitude towards God for the heavy rainfall that has been pouring down in different parts of the country. At the foot of the mountain, Gachagua spoke after a moment of silent prayers, emphasizing the significance of being thankful to God for the gift of rain.

He explained that the rainfall was particularly crucial for farmers in the food basket counties, who rely on maize and other crops to sustain themselves. He added that the current drought has left over 5.4 million Kenyans at risk of starvation, making the recent downpour a much-needed blessing.

Furthermore, Gachagua pointed out the symbolic importance of returning to the mountain. He stated that the mountain served as an inspiration and a beacon of hope for the Mau Mau freedom fighters who managed to drive out the colonialists with only rudimentary weapons such as a machete, spear, and stick. He emphasized that visiting the mountain was a reminder of Kenya’s political freedom and how far the country has come since the Mau Mau rebellion.

Gachagua also spoke about the progress of the current government, which has been led by President William Ruto for the last six months. He mentioned that one of the reasons for the Mau Mau rebellion was to achieve political freedom, which has already been attained. Additionally, he praised the government for its efforts in reviving the economy.

Finally, the Deputy President expressed his commitment to mentoring and working alongside young leaders from Mount Kenya and other regions in the country to bridge the leadership gap that would be left when the current senior leaders eventually step down.

Gachagua was accompanied by Kieni MP Wainaina Njoroge and Nyandarua County Senator John Methu for the early morning prayers.



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