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DJ Brownskin’s Response to Media Call on Poisoning Video

Take a look at how DJ Brownskin responded to a phone call from a media outlet. If you’re a follower of social media platforms, you may have come across the recent news swirling around about renowned DJ Brownskin, who allegedly filmed his wife consuming poisonous substances.

As per blogger Muthiora, a video surfaced online where DJ Brownskin was apparently recording his wife, Njeri, while she was ingesting poison. He even encouraged her to keep going, claiming that many had died before her.

Recently, a conversation between DJ Brownskin and one of the presenters from the popular East Africa Trending News was leaked. Reportedly, this media house contacted the DJ in order to gain further insight into the trending video of his wife’s death by poisoning.

However, DJ Brownskin refused to answer their inquiries, stating that he was currently occupied and unable to respond to their questions. After the presenter persisted for answers, the DJ eventually ended the phone call.



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