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Renowned Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Mourns Mother’s Valiant Cancer Battle

Renowned urban attorney Donald Kipkorir has experienced the loss of his mother, who had been engaged in a long battle against cancer.

While receiving medical care in India, his mother passed away on Saturday, May 27.

Kipkorir took to Twitter to share the news, expressing that his mother displayed great strength, unwavering faith in God, and bravery while confronting her aggressive cancer.

“On the previous day, my dearly beloved mother, Katarina, found eternal rest in the comforting presence of Abraham. My mother confronted her aggressive cancer with resilience, unwavering faith in God, and bravery. Not once did she shed a tear amidst her intense suffering. I am grateful to God for entrusting her to me. May she discover tranquility and peace in the heavens.”

Earlier this year, on May 19, the lawyer accompanied his ailing mother to India for specialized treatment, fervently hoping that the finest oncologists in India would provide her relief and healing.

Accompanied by an image of his mother, lawyer Donald Kipkorir shared his journey to India for his mother’s cancer treatment on May 19, 2023.

“While en route to India with my mother, I am reminded that honoring our parents is the sole commandment that guarantees blessings. My beloved mother, Katarina, has endured immense pain. I implore the best oncologists in India to grant my mother respite and restore her well-being. May our prayers be heard in the heavens.”

Kipkorir’s mother had been battling illness for quite some time.

In September 2022, the lawyer penned a heartfelt message to his mother, expressing his desire for her swift recovery.

He acknowledged his mother’s suffering following radiotherapy sessions and requested his followers to include her in their prayers.

“Today, I direct my prayers and thoughts toward my mother, who bears the anguish, distress, and side effects of radiotherapy sessions. May your prayers reverberate through the heavens, bringing healing to my mother, who serves as my moral compass and guiding light.”



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