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Evacuation Process Begins for Kenyans in Sudan

In an effort to evacuate Kenyans currently in Sudan, the State Department for Diaspora Affairs has started the registration process. To initiate the evacuation process, the department has requested individuals who desire to be evacuated to contact them immediately via text or WhatsApp at the following numbers: +24 9900194854 / +254 114757002.

The message to the department should include personal details such as the individual’s name, passport number, exact location, and details of people residing with them.

Meanwhile, President William Ruto has offered to mediate between conflicting parties in Sudan. As a sign of brotherhood, peace, and solidarity, President Ruto has proposed to host talks as an impartial and engaged stakeholder, and also as a venue acceptable to all parties.

Kenya, with its rich history of peacemaking through effective facilitation, is confident that a peaceful and sustainable solution to the conflict in Sudan is achievable. President Ruto invites all parties to take advantage of this opportunity, and urges IGAD, AU, and the UN to mobilize an effective international coalition to support a comprehensive peacemaking agenda for Sudan.

The crisis in Sudan began with armed conflict between rival factions of the military government on April 15th.

Clashes then broke out across the country, particularly in Khartoum, the capital city, and the Darfur region. Months of tension between Sudan’s army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) came to a head when they overthrew the civilian government in a coup in October 2021.

By committing to mediation, Kenya believes that peace and stability can be restored to Sudan in a brief period of time.



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