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Frank Lampard Rumored to Return as Chelsea Boss

Chelsea’s leadership structure seems to be in disarray. Since Roman Abramovich’s departure, the Blues have been aimlessly wandering in terms of organizational structure, professional conduct, playing style, and results. The forgettable season may see an interesting twist with the possibility of Frank Lampard returning as the new boss, according to club head Todd Boehly.

Lampard, a legendary midfielder, is being considered to fill the void left by Graham Potter’s dismissal. His recent appearance at the derby against Liverpool (0-0) has ignited rumors that Lampard could soon start his coaching tenure with his beloved club for the second time. Although Nagelsmann and Enrique are both quality options, the media’s launch of Lampard’s story has seemingly made him a more likely candidate.

Boehly’s proposed idea is for Lampard to manage the team until the end of the current season, after which another coach will get a chance to lead the team. Meanwhile, Bruno Saltor is currently serving as an interim manager.

Lampard was previously sacked in January 2021, after which he took on the job at Everton, where he was let go in January of this year. His emotional attachment to Chelsea and iconic status could make him the ideal candidate to bring stability to the team during this turbulent period.



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