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Homosexuality is Being Forced on us by The West – Museveni

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has said that Western countries should not impose their customs on Africans by legalizing homosexuality.


In his special speech to Parliament on Thursday, the president added that same-sex love is a deviation or departure from what is normal.


“We need to ask the question; ‘it is by nature or by nurture’,” Mr. Museveni added.


“Making love in Uganda and other parts of Africa is a secret. Even for lovers of the opposite sex. How will we know that you share same-sex love, maybe you will announce it?” He continued to say.


His comments come at a time when there is a wave of hatred against homosexuals spreading throughout the country and the East African region.


LGBTQ activists say their community has faced physical and online harassment in recent weeks.


An anti-homosexuality bill was introduced in the Ugandan parliament earlier this month.


It seeks to make it illegal for anyone to identify as homosexual.


It also mandates ten years in prison for engaging in same-sex relationships or marriage, as well as promoting homosexual activities or activism.


The bill is currently being examined by the parliamentary committee on legal issues.


Prof. Sylvia Tamale, a prominent scholar who appeared before the committee on Thursday to share her views, criticized the proposed law for “trying to completely lose the identity of a section of society” and for conflating crimes such as child prostitution with homosexuality.


The anti-homosexuality law, which imposes a life sentence for the crime, was annulled by the constitutional court in 2014 on the grounds that it was passed without the required number of MPs in parliament.



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