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23 Effective Tips: How to Promote a Telegram Channel in 2023

23 Tips for Running a Telegram Channel in 2023

Telegram statistics show that there are currently 550 million international users, including 50 million in Russia. However, the platform does not have a native promotion algorithm. In this article, we will explore effective ways on how to promote a Telegram channel and maintain it in 2023 to ensure it ranks highly.

1. Attract attention

A catchy name is essential to stand out among competitors. It should be witty and understandable, so visitors can easily understand the essence of the channel. Additionally, your channel should have a clear USP – unique selling proposition. Ask yourself why your channel will be useful to subscribers and how you differ from competitors.

2. Optimize channel for search

Use key queries in the title and description of your channel to attract potential subscribers via search. You can also insert keywords within the public’s text. Wordstat is a helpful tool for finding relevant keywords.

3. Avoid long posts

Most users prefer short messages. Avoid overloading readers with information and keep your posts within 2,000 characters. Make the main “hook” in the title, as this is the first thing followers will notice when they receive a notification. Use formatting, lists, and emojis to keep readers engaged.

4. Avoid giveaways and contests

Avoid using these promotion methods, as they often attract users who are only interested in prizes. This can lead to a high number of unsubscribes in the future.

5. Post original content

Telegram users prefer author’s content such as personal opinions, case studies, and interviews. Post news later than other channels but add your own opinion for a unique perspective.

6. Remember target audience

Advertising on Telegram is more expensive than other social networks. If you decide on paid promotion, carefully select the source for placement. Evaluate the audience of the public you’re advertising in, based on whether you’re trying to sell a product or service, get new subscribers, or increase brand awareness.

7. Quality over quantity

Telegram subscribers automatically receive notifications when new posts are added, so avoid posting too often. If you post too frequently, there’s a high chance the user will turn off notifications.

8. Choose the right post format

Personal brands often publish photos and diary-style content, but users may not be interested in non-personal channels. Choose the right post format for your channel.

9. Use polls to grab attention

Use polls to collect feedback from customers and understand what type of content is popular with subscribers. Offer options for headings to choose from to increase engagement.

10. Motivate to subscribe

Offering digital bonuses that correspond to the theme of the channel can motivate target audiences to subscribe.

11. Collect traffic from other sources

Place a link on third-party sites such as; 9111; to drive traffic to your channel.

12. Use helpful bots

Bots make it easier to post and communicate with subscribers, making them a trend for 2023.

13. Post different formats

Different formats in messaging apps give readers a sense of personal communication. Posting different formats can attract more subscribers.

14. Choose the right time to post

Analyze when your subscribers read posts and enter the messenger. Avoid posting at the same time as other channels, choose non-circular times instead.

15. Directories: use at your own risk

Opinions are divided about the effectiveness of directories, so proceed with caution.

16. Structure information

Structure the information array using hashtags, especially if there are multiple topics discussed in the channel. If there are many topics, create a pinned post and include all hashtags in it.

17. Avoid spamming

Write a useful post and add a referral link at the end. Avoid spamming your subscribers with advertising messages.

18. Don’t be afraid to borrow posts

Post borrowed content, but avoid blindly copying it. Cite the source and ensure the content matches the theme of your channel.

19. Don’t forget your USP

Remind subscribers about yourself, your business, and offer your services.

20. Open comments

Useful for communicating with subscribers, finding out their interests and pains, and increasing engagement.

21. Keep users on Telegram

Telegram users prefer to get information on the platform itself, so don’t direct them to third-party websites.

22. Use user-generated content

Posting user photos, reviews, and results can increase loyalty to your channel.

23. Broadcast content to all ages

Adapt your product for different age categories. One brand successfully targeted a young, insolvent audience who forwarded the post to their parents, who then bought the product.



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