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James Ng’ang’a Dares Government to Arrest Him Following Crackdown on Controversial Preachers

Recently, the Kenyan government has been cracking down on controversial and rogue preachers in the country. Two such preachers, Paul Mackenzie and Ezekiel Odero, were recently arrested, and now popular city preacher James Ng’ang’a has issued a bold challenge to the government – arrest him as well.

Ng’ang’a, who founded Neno Evangelism, has welcomed the proposed regulation of churches in Kenya, stating that it’s time for the government to take action against preachers who exploit their followers. He slammed those who prey on their followers for money, calling them out for their unethical and immoral practices.

Furthermore, Ng’ang’a spoke out against the starvation practice advocated by Mackenzie, stating that his church would never force anyone to fast. In fact, he encouraged his followers to eat whatever they wanted, stating that it was not necessary to fast to show faith.

He went on to explain that at his mega-church in Kajiado, they serve tea and toast twice a day, and there is even a kiosk available for those who are sick and need to eat more. Ng’ang’a made it clear that his church’s focus is on praising God, not forcing people to adhere to strict dietary restrictions.

In a bold statement, Ng’ang’a even expressed his desire to be arrested by the government upon his return from traveling. He stated that if the government is serious about regulating churches in Kenya, then they should come after him as well.

Overall, Ng’ang’a’s challenge to the government highlights the need for greater regulation of religious institutions in Kenya, particularly those that engage in unethical practices. As preachers like Mackenzie and Odero face legal consequences for their actions, it remains to be seen how successful the government’s efforts will be in cleaning up the country’s religious landscape.



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