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Jeff Bezos Unveils $500M Super Yacht ‘Koru’ on Maiden Voyage

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has finally welcomed his long-awaited $500 million super yacht with open arms. The 59-year-old billionaire wasted no time in taking the extravagant vessel for a test drive alongside his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez. Basking under the Spanish sun in Mallorca, the couple lounged on the deck of the massive ship, savoring the luxurious experience.

This adventure followed their recent visit to Miami for the highly anticipated F1 Grand Prix. During their maiden voyage, Jeff sported a pair of stylish baby blue swim trunks paired with a cream zip-up jacket, while Lauren flaunted a pink bikini beneath a chic white cover-up.

The couple’s journey around the island was orchestrated by the ship’s captain, who skillfully maneuvered the vessel. Despite making a stop at a small bay, Jeff and Lauren decided not to disembark from the “floating town” they were aboard. After all, who would want to leave land behind when they’ve invested a staggering half a billion dollars in a majestic boat?

After five years of extensive delays, the yacht was finally delivered this week. It has also been revealed that Bezos chose to name his latest prized possession “Koru,” drawing inspiration from the Maori term meaning new beginnings.

Stretching a remarkable 417 feet in length with three imposing masts, Koru is believed to be the world’s largest sailing yacht. The opulent vessel comes complete with a helipad and an inviting pool, ensuring its guests can indulge in ultimate relaxation. With a capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 18 people, this floating paradise promises an unforgettable experience.

However, the construction of this magnificent masterpiece was not without controversy. As its completion approached, a significant obstacle arose when it was discovered that the yacht’s towering masts posed a threat to a historic bridge in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The masts’ height exceeded the bridge’s clearance of 131 feet, almost necessitating the dismantling of the bridge.

Locally known as “De Hef,” the 100-year-old Koningshaven historic bridge had undergone renovations in 2017, and the city authorities were adamant about avoiding further disassembly. This led to an intense debate and negotiations to find a solution that would preserve both the bridge’s historical value and allow Koru to sail freely.

Now, as Jeff Bezos embarks on this new chapter of luxury and adventure, he and Lauren Sanchez will undoubtedly create lasting memories aboard their awe-inspiring yacht, reveling in the exquisite opulence that money can buy.



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