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Jowie Admits to Lying About Gun in Monica Kimani Murder Case

Jacque Maribe’s former lover, Joseph Irungu alias Jowie, has confessed in an open court hearing that he previously gave false accounts to the police regarding the possession of a pistol found on him at the time of his arrest.

Jowie, who is embroiled in a case alongside Maribe related to the killing of businesswoman Monica Kimani, told trial magistrate Grace Nzioka that the gun belonged to Brian Kasaine, a neighbor and friend.

He stated that Kasaine had given him the firearm as he was frequently involved in arguments with his spouse, and the latter did not want to keep the weapon in his residence.

Jowie also admitted that the gun went off accidentally and shot him in the chest. When questioned by the State Prosecutor Gakui Gichui, Jowie owned up to previous lies regarding the incident that he narrated as an attack by robbers.

The accused said that he had initially lied to the police as he lacked the proper credentials to carry firearms. Moreover, Jowie confirmed that Maribe was not present during the mishap.

The prosecution put forward evidence showing that items recovered from Jowie’s house, such as brown khaki shorts with bloodstains, belonged to him while forensic tests revealed that the blood came from Monica Kimani.

Although Jowie denied that Monica was unknown to him, the prosecution presented telephone calls, photos, and video clips illustrating his interactions with three individuals, including Monica.

In one of the videos submitted by the prosecutor, Jowie could be seen holding a gun. The accused murderers, Maribe and Jowie, have already made their defense after the state concluded its presentation of evidence in the Monica Kimani murder case.



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