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Kapseret MP calls for Raila Odinga to retire from politics

Oscar Sudi, the Kapseret MP, recently advocated for Raila Odinga to retire from politics instead of continuing his candidacy. The legislator believes that Odinga’s five unsuccessful presidential bids have made him more of a liability than an asset to both the Luo community and the country at large. Despite the sacrifices many individuals have made in support of Odinga’s cause, he has never taken the time to console them after their losses. In Sudi’s words, “You must be foolish to have lost five elections and still want to mislead Kenyans as you have always done.”

Sudi further noted that no matter how much protesting takes place, the current administration will not accept any form of handshake. He stated that they will not yield to threats or intimidation but stand firm in their stance. Moreover, the lawmaker also accused retired President Uhuru Kenyatta of financing biweekly protests to undermine President William Ruto’s government.

Sudi was surprised by Odinga’s decision to sympathize with the sheep on Kenyatta’s farm instead of visiting families of Kenyans who have died in their protests. Notably, the “mother of all protests” which is set to occur next week will be met with full force by the law. Finally, the MP claimed that Dr. Ruto would transform the country’s economy, challenging Odinga to bring it on next week and meet him on the streets of Nairobi.



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