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Kenya and Canada Partner to Boost Skilled Job Opportunities for Kenyans

Kenya and Canada are joining hands to create a labour migration framework that will pave the way for more Kenyans to tap into skilled job opportunities in Canada.

In a recent meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly at State House Nairobi, Kenyan President William Ruto revealed that the country will align the training of health workers at the Kenya Medical Training College and technical and vocational institutions with the Canadian curricula. This move is meant to help meet the demands of the country’s job market.

President Ruto said that as Kenya continues to invest in sectors that create employment within the country, providing opportunities for Kenyans abroad is another way of empowering the youth. The two countries will hold a meeting in Canada next month to develop plans that will further enhance their bilateral relationship.

The humanitarian crisis in Sudan was also discussed during the meeting. The Canadian government pledged to support humanitarian efforts in the country, while President Ruto revealed that a three-pronged approach had been agreed to bring the conflict to an end and return Sudan on the path to civilian rule.

According to the President, the US and Saudi Arabia are already engaging the warring parties to ceasefire, humanitarian organizations are ready to provide assistance to those affected, and the priority is to amplify the voice of civilians in resolving the crisis.

Joly promised that Canada would support civilian contributions to peace and democracy. The cooperation between Kenya and Canada is an important step towards promoting economic growth and security in both countries while enhancing their diplomatic ties.



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