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Kenyan Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah Reveals Two-Year Celibacy

Kenyan comedian Kendrick Mulamwah, who is famously known as David Yando, recently disclosed that he has been abstinent for two years. During a social media Q&A session with his fans, Mulamwah revealed that he is not ready to engage in a romantic relationship and that he has not been intimate with anyone for the past two years.

mulamwa replies

Despite this revelation, many of Mulamwah’s followers are puzzled because he seemed quite intimate with his “bestie,” Ruth K, on Valentine’s Day. The pair shared videos of a romantic evening in which they kissed and embraced each other, and they also wrote affectionate messages to each other on social media.

Mulamwah and Ruth K have long denied being in a romantic relationship, insisting that they are just best friends. However, their frequent public appearances together and their social media posts continue to fuel speculation about the nature of their relationship.

Interestingly, Mulamwah’s previous relationship with his baby mama, Carol Sonnie, ended in a very public and acrimonious breakup in 2021. The comedian accused Carol of cheating on him with another man, and he shared the sordid details of their split on social media. The former couple engaged in a heated exchange on social media, with both parties airing their grievances for all to see.

In conclusion, Kendrick Mulamwah’s declaration of celibacy has left his fans puzzled, particularly given his close relationship with Ruth K. However, it seems that the comedian is not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship at this time.



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