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Kenyan Musician Colonel Mustafa Now Working as Construction Worker

The internet is abuzz with news that Kenyan musician Colonel Mustafa, also known as Daudi Mustapha, has been seen working as a “mjengo guy” at a construction site. A brief video of the rapper carrying blocks and mixing sand and water has gone viral, and many Kenyans are wondering what happened to him and why he is now doing manual labor.

While some people have expressed concern for the musician’s well-being and speculated that he may be struggling financially or facing other personal challenges, others have pointed out that there is no shame in doing an honest day’s work and that Mustafa should not be judged for his current occupation.

Interestingly, some social media users have even suggested that Mustafa might be constructing his own mansion or assisting as a supervisor on the site, further fueling speculation about his motives and circumstances.

This turn of events is especially surprising given that Mustafa is a well-known figure in Kenyan music circles, having made a name for himself with hits like “Katika” and “Haina Noma”. However, as he revealed in a 2022 interview, the singer has had a difficult time since leaving the popular reality show “Nairobi Diaries” and has struggled with depression.

Despite these challenges, Mustafa is reportedly working on a new album and has vowed to make a comeback in the music industry. Whether he will continue to work in construction or return to full-time music remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: he has the support of many Kenyans who are rooting for his success and well-being.



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