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Kenyan Rapper Boutross Munene Addresses Leaked Intimate Photos

Boutross Munene, a well-known rapper from Kenya, recently spoke out regarding his leaked intimate photos that have been circulating on social media. During an interview with Ankali Ray, Boutross confirmed that he is the person in the pictures but clarified that the circumstances were not what they appeared to be.

According to Boutross, the photos were taken four years ago by a video vixen who took advantage of him. He explained that he was not at fault and did not have any issues with the photos themselves, as he was simply being human. However, he expressed his disappointment with the vixen’s actions, stating that she had used the photos to gain a few minutes of fame.

Boutross added that the video vixen had appeared in one of his music videos, and he did not plan on taking any legal actions against her. He did not see the point of pursuing the matter, as he believed that she would not be able to compensate him. Moreover, he wanted to set a good example for those who looked up to him.

The rapper expressed his frustration with blogger Edgar Obare, who shared the photos without contacting him to verify the story. This resulted in Boutross losing money and business opportunities. While he did not disclose what actions would be taken against the blogger, he confirmed that his team would make the final decision.



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