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Kilifi County to Use Mining Revenue for Clean Water Infrastructure

The Kilifi County government plans to use mining revenue to improve the infrastructure for the area’s clean water supply.

The Governor of Kilifi, Mr Gideon Mung’aro, said on Monday that the millions of dollars in royalties that the county expects to receive from the central government will not be used for any other projects except to provide clean water to residents.

He also stated that the county will use equity fund money to address water challenges.

“We promised that the water problem would become history in this county and we must fulfill that promise. All equity and mineral money, which is approximately Sh1.6 billion, will be used solely for the water of this county,” he said.

Last week, the Ministry of Mines, Maritime Economy, and Maritime Affairs announced that Kilifi is expected to receive about Sh950 million in royalties from mining activities in the region.

Mr Mung’aro made these statements while launching the Mitangani, Midoina, and Gede water supply project in the Ganze constituency.

The project, which cost Sh100 million, was implemented in collaboration with the national government and philanthropists.

He was joined by the Minister of Water, Ms Alice Wahome, who warned the public against damaging water projects.

Mr Mung’aro also urged the police to arrest and prosecute offenders to safeguard the water infrastructure.

“My administration is committed to ensuring that more people have access to clean water. We aim for over 11,000 people to benefit from water supply through this project. I will continue to work with the national government to enhance water services in the county,” he added.



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