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Konshens Embraces Kenyan Identity in New Song with Boutross Munene

Jamaican dancehall sensation Konshens has recently released a new song featuring Kenyan rapper Boutross Munene, where he embraces his Kenyan given name, Otieno. In the remix of Angela, Konshens refers to himself as ‘Otieno’, a name that was bestowed upon him by Kenyans due to his strong relationship and love for the country.

According to reports, Konshens received his own Kenyan national identification card along with the name. The card indicated that he was born in Kisumu, Kenya. During his visit to the country last year, Kenyans showed their appreciation and celebrated the rapper’s adoption of the name after his New Year’s Eve concert at the Carnivore Grounds.

The name Otieno, which translates to ‘born at night’, is commonly used as a surname among the Luo people of Kenya, but traditionally it is a boy’s name. Despite this, Konshens has proudly taken on the name as a symbol of his connection to Kenya and its people.

In the song, Konshens confidently proclaims “Brace pan di wall and fling it up gimmi nuh, Konshens AKA Otieno” showcasing his newfound identity.

Overall, Konshens’ decision to embrace his Kenyan identity in this way is a powerful message of unity and cultural appreciation.



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