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Lionel Richie Shares Health and Beauty Secrets

Lionel Richie, the 73-year-old singer, is sharing his secrets to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Despite his age, the award-winning star believes that having a healthy diet and an active sex life are the keys to staying in shape.

Lionel revealed that he focuses on water, sleep, and sweat while avoiding an excessive amount of red meat. Moreover, he emphasized the benefits of sex for the heart and overall health.

The singer also expressed that he has no interest in undergoing plastic surgery to maintain his youthful looks, as it restricts natural aging and prevents resetting.

In terms of his music, Lionel describes it as universal and non-political, as it revolves around the theme of love.

He believes that the world is always looking for something as simple as the phrase “I love you,” which may seem corny but holds great value.

However, the singer acknowledged that the music industry is not an easy business to be in, as fame usually brings both positive and negative consequences.

Despite this, Lionel has maintained his success and continues to inspire fans globally with his music.



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