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Mama Ngina Park Facing Security Challenges Due to Misconduct by Visitors

The manager of the park, Mr. Ali Noor, stated that despite the national government’s spending on building the tourist attraction, Kenyans have turned it into a forbidden area, which is losing the park’s reputation.

When addressing the Parliamentary Committee on Tourism and Wildlife, Mr. Noor explained that couples park their cars in the park to partake in sexual activities.

Mr. Noor acknowledged that many people visit the area, but they have encountered several cases of individuals with malicious intents. It has become difficult for police officers to differentiate between good and bad individuals. Several obscene incidents have occurred in the park where people use their cars as a sex house; however, this has decreased since the police increased patrols on parked cars.

The MPs, led by their chairman, Mr. Kareke Mbiuki, advised Mr. Noor not to concern himself with personal issues.

Mrs. Ruweida Obbo, the Member of Parliament for Lamu East, noted that many tourists like to visit Mama Ngina to carve and enjoy the sea breeze but are often disturbed by the police officers. The MPs congratulated her for defending the men who go to the area for their personal affairs.

Mr. Innocent Mugabe, a tourism expert and colleague of Lukuyani, stated that the status of the park has dwindled because everything is allowed to be sold in the built stalls. He suggested focusing on particular products that would entice tourists to come.

Acting county commissioner, Mr. Ronald Mwiwawi, claimed that the police officers had tried to maintain security in the area by patrolling, and the small police station in the area had helped deal with misconduct.

Mr. Rashid Bedzimba, the Member of Parliament for Kisauni, emphasized the importance of improving the tourist center to attract more visitors, saying there is no other public park in the county except Mama Ngina. Security officers must ensure safety, so that many tourists can visit the area.

Mr. Abdi Khamis Chome, Voi’s colleague, suggested that the central government find ways to improve and make the public park profitable.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Mr. John Ololtuaa, commented that police officers are trying to maintain security in the area but more needs to be put in place to enhance security.

The park receives between 400 and 600 visitors daily, with the number increasing up to 1000 on weekends.



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