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Mary Kilobi Defends Her Role as a Submissive Wife to Atwoli

Mary Kilobi Atwoli has once again affirmed that she takes good care of her husband Francis Atwoli, the Secretary-General of the Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU). Speaking on her social media accounts, Mary stated that she happily carries out her wife duties and encourages other women to be submissive. She mentioned that these duties include ensuring that her husband’s socks are in order, his shirt is clean, and that he takes his medication on time.

At the Labor Day celebrations held in Nairobi, Atwoli praised his wife for taking care of him and understanding his needs. He also mentioned that he considers Mary to be a bright woman who sometimes provides him with advice, even though he remains the head of the family. The couple is known to shower each other with love and affection, particularly during special occasions such as their birthdays and wedding anniversary.

However, there have been rumors circulating about Mary Kilobi dating ex-CS Echesa, something she strongly denied. Echesa had claimed to have “dated” Mary before she met Francis Atwoli, but Mary refuted these claims, stating that she had only met Echesa when he visited her home in Kajiado. She urged politicians to stop mentioning her name in rallies and focus on campaigning for the upcoming elections.

Mary, who is a journalist, reminded everyone that she is not a politician and has never taken sides while performing her duties. She advised Echesa to campaign hard instead of wasting time attacking her. She also opined that political scores should not be settled at the expense of other people’s reputations.

Closing her statement, Mary mentioned that she is a Christian and urged Echesa, who is Muslim, to read Psalms 35:1-28. She prayed for him and reminded him that there is a higher power above him who owns the universe. With elections just around the corner, Mary urged everyone to focus on promoting their policies and agendas rather than engaging in unwarranted attacks on individuals.



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