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Mizani Africa Report Ranks Cabinet Secretaries Based on Performance in First 120 Days in Office

On Thursday, March 16th, Mizani Africa released a report evaluating the performance of Cabinet Secretaries in their first 120 days in office. Education CS Ezekiel Machogu was among those assessed in the report.


According to the report, Kithure Kindiki, the Interior Cabinet Secretary, was the top-performing Cabinet Secretary, scoring 74 percent. Moses Kuria, the Trade CS, came in second with a score of 63 percent, followed by Alfred Mutua, the Foreign Affairs CS, with a score of 61 percent.


Ezekiel Machogu was ranked fourth with a score of 53 percent, while Rebecca Miano of the EAC docket scored 54 percent, and Ababu Namwamba scored 52 percent.


The methodology used in the report involved collecting data through surveys and questionnaires, which were analyzed to provide a performance score for each Cabinet Secretary. Factors such as transparency, accountability, service delivery, and public perception were taken into account while assessing their performance.


It is important to note that the report only covers the first 120 days of their tenure, which may not be enough to provide a comprehensive assessment of their performance. However, the report serves as a benchmark for the Cabinet Secretaries to assess their performance and make necessary adjustments to improve their service delivery.


Furthermore, it allows stakeholders and the public to hold the Cabinet Secretaries accountable for their performance. By doing so, the report encourages transparency and accountability in the government.



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