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Nairobi County Government Implements Advanced Road Sweeper Trucks

In response to growing concerns over the cleanliness and sanitation of Nairobi’s streets, the Nairobi County Government has implemented a city-wide cleanup initiative utilizing state-of-the-art road sweeper technology trucks. According to Environment Chief Officer Hibrahim Otieno, this newly acquired special operation vehicle allows for the effective removal and collection of garbage and dirt, ensuring that the city and its environs remain clean and presentable.

Governor Sakaja Johnson’s administration has invested in three advanced road sweeper trucks to bring order and dignity to the city. The truck is fully equipped with a garbage and dust collection bin, as well as a cleaning system. This vehicle is widely used in mechanized cleaning and clearing operations, primarily at night and evenings, using a combination of scrub and high-pressure cleaning.

The current cleaning operations include Moi Avenue, Tom Mboya Street, and Haileselasie Avenue, among others. With the acquisition of these state-of-the-art road sweeper trucks, Governor Sakaja Johnson’s administration has brought about a new level of order and cleanliness to the city, making it a more attractive destination for both citizens and tourists alike.



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