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Nairobi Ranks 94th in Best Cities for Business and Advertising

The city of Nairobi, which serves as the capital of Kenya and the central hub of commerce in the Eastern region of Africa, has emerged as the 94th city on the list of the top 100 cities worldwide, recognized for their excellent advertising and business opportunities.

A recent study carried out by Brand Finance revealed that the City of London in England claims the first position globally for its charm and stable business environment, achieving a remarkable score of 84.7% out of 100 in public opinion polls conducted by Brand Finance, involving 15,000 individuals from around the globe.

Securing the second and third places on the list are the American city of New York and the French city of Paris, respectively, while the South African city of Cape Town holds the impressive 60th spot worldwide, making it the leading African brand. Following closely is Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, ranking second in Africa and 67th globally.

Johannesburg, another South African city, secures the third position in Africa and the 72nd position worldwide, with Casablanca from Morocco claiming the fourth spot at 76th place on the global list.

Nigeria and Nairobi conclude the compilation of the top 100 cities, securing the 90th and 94th positions, respectively.

Cape Town’s status as Africa’s front-runner can be attributed to its standing as the most popular city to visit in South Africa, renowned for its outstanding reputation and allure as a tourist destination.

The city’s natural magnificence, including its breathtaking beaches, mountains, and diverse landscapes, contribute to its appeal as one of the most captivating tourist hotspots worldwide.



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