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New Life Church Pastor’s Wife Breaks Silence on Husband’s Detention

Controversial pastor Ezekiel Odero’s wife, Sarah, has finally broken her silence following the detention of her husband by the police. According to reports, the police are seeking to detain the pastor for an additional 30 days to complete their investigations against him.

The New Life Prayer Centre and Church pastor was arrested on Thursday, and police have stated that there is credible information linking him to the bodies found at the Shakahola land in Malindi, Kilifi County. Furthermore, police also allege that several followers of his ministry may have met their untimely death as a result of their quest for divine intervention.

Addressing congregants of New Life Church during a service that was posted on YouTube on Friday, Sarah Odera urged church members to remain patient as the authorities investigate her husband. She also revealed that all services had been temporarily suspended.

While speaking to the congregation, Sarah noted that “nothing is too hard for God,” and that they should continue to pray during this trying time. She also urged church members to allow the authorities to conduct their investigations, stating that “you have heard a lot of things in the media and elsewhere. It’s not just New Life Church. Investigations are being done on several churches.”

The situation surrounding Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s arrest has caused quite a stir among members of the church and the public at large, particularly due to the allegations of foul play and possible involvement in the deaths of his followers. As the investigation continues, many people will be keenly watching the developments with bated breath.



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