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Nigerian Man Speaks Out Against Accusations of Marrying a Minor

Following the circulation of images from his wedding on social media, Aminu Danmaliki, a 60-year-old Nigerian man, found himself at the center of controversy as he was accused of marrying a minor. The public responded with outrage, speculating that he had wed an 11-year-old girl from Kano state.

In response to the accusations, Danmaliki took to Facebook to clarify the situation. He stated that his wife, Sakina, is actually 21 years old, and they are both deeply in love with each other. Furthermore, he emphasized that she was not forced into the marriage.

According to Danmaliki, the allegations were baseless and caused undue tension. He explained that the couple decided to remain silent initially but were later advised to speak out and share the true facts. Danmaliki shared a photo of himself and Sakina and expressed his hope that the haters and trolls who spread false rumors would see the truth and allow them to enjoy their honeymoon without further interference.



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