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Profitable Import Businesses in Kenya: Top Choices

This article provides an in-depth analysis of the most lucrative import businesses in Kenya that offer excellent profit potential. Importing goods from other countries and selling them locally has always been a profitable venture, and this guide will explore various opportunities in this realm.

What is the best Profitable Import Business in Kenya?

1. Importing Pre-Owned Vehicles from Japan

Importing used cars from Japan and selling them in Kenya presents a highly profitable business opportunity. However, success in this venture goes beyond mere buying and selling. Ensuring high-quality products, conducting thorough inspections, and arranging test drives for potential buyers are essential.

Requirements for Starting this Business:

  • Adequate space for parking and secure storage of cars.
  • Importing cars with spare parts to facilitate maintenance after sales.
  • Establishing a partnership with a reliable finance company to mitigate losses or unsold inventory.
  • Exploring the option of trading in car accessories such as glass, side mirrors, and tires.

2. Importing Mobile Phones from China

Importing mobile phones from China and selling them in Kenya is another lucrative import business. This venture offers the advantage of acquiring phones at lower prices compared to the local market, enabling higher profit margins.

Steps to Establish this Business:

  • Thorough research on the best phones to import and their selling prices.
  • Identifying reputable wholesale dealers in China.
  • Secure storage for imported goods, such as renting a space or utilizing a personal garage.
  • Carefully consider storage requirements if dealing with multiple phone models.
  • Future investment opportunities may include expanding storage facilities and hiring staff to manage stock levels, orders, and sales.

3. Importing Rice from Thailand

Importing rice from Thailand is a business with quick revenue potential. Although higher profit margins are achievable through large-scale operations, even small-scale involvement can yield profits.

Essentials for Entering this Business:

  • Researching the prices of different rice brands, including local competitors.
  • Investing in T-shirts and promotional items featuring your company’s branding for effective marketing.

4. Importing Machinery from America

Importing machinery, such as tools, machines, computers, and auto parts, from America offers substantial profit opportunities due to the high demand in Kenya.

Initial Steps to Establish this Business:

  • Importing machinery from America for sale in Kenya.
  • Investing in advertising boards or vehicles to facilitate product deliveries.

5. Importing Electronics from South Korea

Importing electronics from South Korea is an attractive business proposition, particularly due to Kenyans’ preference for unique and branded products.

Key Considerations for this Business:

  • Establishing relationships with strong distributors offering a variety of electronic models.

6. Importing Beauty Products

Importing beauty products in large quantities is a profitable venture, necessitating the need for a dedicated shop or rented space for storage and distribution.

Steps for Success:

  • Directly importing from factories or purchasing from existing businesses in Kenya.
  • Researching popular brands and their prices, considering local competition.
  • Investing in catalogs to order directly from manufacturers and hiring competent staff for purchasing, delivery, and customer service.

7. Importing Auto Spares

Importing auto spares from Japan can be a highly profitable import business, especially when targeting customers who frequently purchase these items in bulk.

Effective Strategies and Investments:

  • Setting up a user-friendly website for online orders and payment.
  • Building strong relationships with local mechanics to leverage their existing client base.
  • Expanding sales to a nationwide scale.

8. Importing Shoes and Bags from China

Although relatively less profitable, importing shoes and bags from China is a viable business option requiring minimal investment and easy setup.

Recommended Approaches:

  • Choosing a specific product category and conducting market research to assess the competition in the local market.
  • Purchasing catalogs to streamline orders directly from manufacturers.
  • Employing staff responsible for purchasing, delivery, and customer service.

In conclusion, the import business sector in Kenya offers numerous profitable opportunities. Whether it’s importing used cars, mobile phones, rice, machinery, electronics, beauty products, auto spares, or shoes and bags, there is potential for success. It is crucial to conduct thorough research, establish reliable partnerships, and invest wisely in storage, marketing, and staff to ensure the growth and profitability of your import business. With determination and strategic planning, you can embark on a lucrative journey in the import industry in Kenya.



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