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Putin sees China’s Peace Plan as Basis to End Ukraine Conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that China’s peace plan for Ukraine could be used as a basis to end the conflict, but only if “Western countries and Ukraine” are willing to do so. Putin made this statement after meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Moscow on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing crisis and the relationship between their two countries.

The Chinese plan, published last month, does not call for Russia to withdraw from Ukraine. It lists 12 issues and calls for peaceful talks and respect for national sovereignty, without any specific recommendations. However, Ukraine has insisted that Russia must leave its territory as a precondition for any talks, and there is no indication that Russia is willing to do so.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Monday that calling for a ceasefire before Russia withdraws “would be tantamount to endorsing Russia’s victory.”

In a joint press conference after the talks with Xi, Putin said, “Many provisions of China’s peace plan can be taken as a basis for resolving the Ukraine crisis, whenever Western countries and Ukraine are ready for it.” However, he added that Russia has not yet seen such “readiness” from the other side.

Xi, standing alongside Putin, said his government supports peace and talks and that China has an “unbiased position” on the Ukraine conflict, hoping to be seen as a country that can bring peace.

In addition to discussing the crisis, the two leaders also talked about the growing trade, energy, and political relations between their two nations. The Chinese president also stressed that their partnership is not directed against any third party, implying the United States and other Western countries.

Ukraine Demands Russia’s Withdrawal from Territory

Ukraine has long demanded that Russia withdraw its troops and military equipment from the Donbass region, which it invaded in 2014. The conflict has since escalated, with thousands of people killed and over 1.5 million displaced. Despite international sanctions and diplomatic efforts, Russia has refused to leave the territory.

The Ukrainian government has accused Russia of supporting separatists and supplying them with weapons, accusations that Moscow denies. The conflict has also strained relations between Russia and the West, with the US and European Union imposing sanctions on Russia and supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty.

The Chinese peace plan is seen as a new effort to resolve the conflict and bring peace to the region. However, it remains to be seen if Russia, Ukraine, and Western countries are willing to work together to achieve a peaceful resolution.

In conclusion, the Chinese peace plan for Ukraine has received positive feedback from Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, the plan’s success hinges on the willingness of Western countries and Ukraine to cooperate with Russia, which remains an issue of contention. The situation in Ukraine remains a significant challenge to global peace and security, and it is crucial that all parties work together to find a peaceful solution.



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