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Renowned Kikuyu artist Ben Githae denies involvement in fundraising group for DJ Fatxo’s legal fees

Renowned Kikuyu artist, Ben Githae, has dismissed claims that he is part of a group that aims to raise funds to help DJ Fatxo with legal fees. This comes after reports surfaced that musicians had formed a WhatsApp group to pool resources to cover the Mugithi singer’s legal expenses following the death of interior designer Jeff Mwathi at his residence.

In a statement to Nairobi News, Githae refuted the allegations, stating that he was not part of any group. He, however, stressed the need for justice to prevail, and the truth to be upheld in the matter. Githae went on to explain that most of the artists he had spoken to about the issue had also denied being part of any fundraising group.

Furthermore, Githae called on the public to allow the relevant authorities to handle the case and give them the time they need to do their job effectively.

During the interview, Githae also addressed the criticism that artists receive from their fans when things go wrong. He spoke about how the industry is a rollercoaster, with artists experiencing highs and lows, sickness, and personal challenges, just like everyone else. He also highlighted the unity that exists amongst artists, where they support each other through thick and thin, and rally around those in need.

The music industry is currently facing significant scrutiny following several deaths under unclear circumstances. Gospel musician Mirugi Dishon is also under investigation after his ex-girlfriend, a pastor identified as Elizabeth Wanjiru, passed away in his house.



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