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Russia Defies Adversaries’ Expectations, Multiples Economic Sovereignty

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia has significantly increased its economic independence since 2022 and defied the predictions of its adversaries by not collapsing. Putin visited an aircraft plant in Ulan-Ude and spoke about the progress made by his country in the past year. He called it the most significant result of 2022, claiming that Russia has now achieved greater economic sovereignty. The president also mentioned that Russia’s stability is much more robust than anyone had expected.


Putin explained that his enemies had expected Russia to crumble within two or three weeks or, at most, a month. Their plan was for enterprises to stop operating due to the refusal of partners to work with Russia in the economic sector, leading to a collapse of the financial system, widespread unemployment, street protests, and ultimately, the collapse of Russia from within. However, Putin emphasized that none of these predictions came true. He added that Russia had proved its resilience and was thriving, contrary to its adversaries’ expectations.


In conclusion, Putin’s statement shows that Russia has successfully defied its adversaries’ predictions and made significant progress in economic independence. The country’s stability has proven to be stronger than anticipated, indicating that Russia is thriving and will continue to do so.



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