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Samsung Bans Employees From Using Generative AI

Samsung Electronics has issued a ban on the use of generative AI services, such as ChatGPT, for its employees in the mobile and appliances division due to concerns over the misuse of the technology.

The Microsoft-backed chatbot, ChatGPT, has gained significant interest since its launch in November last year, generating essays, songs, exams, and news articles from brief prompts.

However, critics remain concerned about the collection and processing of data by platforms such as ChatGPT.

Samsung is working on ways to implement generative AI services in a “security safe environment,” according to an internal memo, to enhance work efficiency and convenience. Until then, however, the use of generative AI services for company-owned computers will be banned temporarily.

Samsung warns staff not to upload work-related information to such platforms when logging in on personal devices outside company premises.

In an internal survey, over 60% of Samsung staff expressed concerns about security risks associated with using generative AI platforms with company devices. Financial firms, including Goldman Sachs, have also either banned or restricted employees’ use of similar platforms in recent months.



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