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10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Nairobi

This is a compilation of seafood restaurants in Nairobi that offer top-notch seafood including lobsters, spicy prawns, oysters, crabs, octopus and much more.

Dear reader, I have compiled a list of Nairobi’s top seafood restaurants that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Please note that the restaurants are listed in no particular order, so feel free to explore and discover your favorite spot.

  1. Mawimbi Seafood Restaurant

Mawimbi Seafood Restaurant is not only Kenya’s number one restaurant but also the finest luxury seafood restaurant in the world. With the world’s best seafood delicacies, stunning ambiance, and impeccable service, it’s a place where you can make unforgettable moments and lasting connections.

Location: Kijabe Street, Opposite Norfolk Towers.

Contact: 0758 956 805.

  1. Seven Seafood & Grill

Seven Seafood & Grill is the premier steakhouse and seafood restaurant in Kenya. It has an irresistible menu of oysters, lobsters, prawns, and ocean fish that will tantalize your taste buds.

Location: ABC Place, Waiyaki Way, Westlands.

Contact: 0737 776 677.

  1. Oysters & More

Oysters & More is an elegant bar and seafood restaurant that serves contemporary fine cuisine. You can indulge in oysters, seafood, aged meat, vegetarian dishes, champagne or fine wine while being in a serene environment.

Location: Village Market, Limuru Road.

Contact: 0717 587 587.

  1. Samaki Samaki Seafood & Jazz

Samaki Samaki is Nairobi’s ultimate seafood and jazz restaurant, offering a mouth-watering selection of seafood dishes. With live jazz performances, it’s an excellent place to unwind and enjoy.

Location: Othaya Road, Kileleshwa.

Contact: 0737 345 667.

  1. The Talisman Restaurant

The Talisman Restaurant is a classy establishment with an eclectic twist. It serves up local cuisine, seafood, and contemporary dishes in an elegant setting.

Location: Karen.

Contact: 0705 999 997.

  1. Ocean Basket Kenya

Ocean Basket is a well-loved seafood and sushi restaurant that serves abundant portions of delicious seafood. Inspired by Mediterranean generosity, quality ingredients, and simplicity, it offers a unique menu.

Location: Westgate Mall, 15 Mwanzi Road.

Contact: 0745 435 036.

  1. Everything Fish

Everything Fish is a contemporary restaurant and sports bar that offers an extensive selection of well-prepared seafood. With its modern design and lively ambiance, it’s an excellent place to relax and enjoy good food.

Location: Ngong Road Between Junction and Ole Dume Road.

Contact: 0113 796 167.

  1. O’Sinkirri Restaurant

O’Sinkirri Restaurant is the go-to place for perfectly cooked salmon and a variety of other dishes at special rates.

Location: Ring Road, Kilimani.

Contact: 0708 087 047.

  1. Tatu Restaurant

Tatu Restaurant serves award-winning, organic black angus beef and fresh seafood. It’s renowned for its impeccable service and exquisite meals.

Location: Fairmont The Norfolk, Harry Thuku Road.

Contacts: 020 226 5000/ 020 221 6796.

  1. Seavillians Seafood

Seavillians Seafood specializes in authentic Kenyanised seafood dishes, offering a wide range of mouth-watering options. It’s the perfect spot for foodies looking to explore unique seafood tastes.

Location: Kikao Place, is located on Gitanga Road, opposite Quickmart Valley Arcade.

Contact: 0796 844 367.

Here’s a table summarizing the information:

Restaurant Name Location Contact
Mawimbi Seafood Restaurant Kijabe Street, Opposite Norfolk Towers 0758 956 805
Seven Seafood & Grill ABC Place, Waiyaki Way, Westlands 0737 776 677
Oysters & More Village Market, Limuru Road 0717 587 587
Samaki Samaki Seafood & Jazz Othaya Road, Kileleshwa 0737 345 667
The Talisman Restaurant Karen 0705 999 997
Ocean Basket Kenya Westgate Mall, 15 Mwanzi Road 0745 435 036
Everything Fish Junction Between Ngong Road and Ole Dume Road 0113 796 167
O’Sinkirri Restaurant Ring Road, Kilimani 0708 087 047
Tatu Restaurant Fairmont The Norfolk, Harry Thuku Road 020 226 5000
Seavillians Seafood Kikao Place, Along Gitanga Road, Opposite Quickmart Valley Arcade 0796 844 367

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