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Shakahola Crisis: Tragedy and Cover-up

Kakamega Senator Bonnie Khalwale has claimed that those responsible for controlling the Shakahola situation are ashamed of the increasing number of bodies being discovered. As a result, they have prohibited the media from obtaining any exclusives.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s Day Break Show on Thursday 27th, Khalwale argued that blocking the media was also part of the problem, and the press should be allowed access to the matter.

“The responsible parties are extremely ashamed, and with each new body exhumed, their culpability becomes even more apparent,” Khalwale stated.

Trevor Ombija, who interviewed Khalwale, reported that current death toll numbers conflicted due to the media being blocked from the scene.

Regarding who is responsible for the Shakahola deaths, Senator Khalwale asserted that the blame cannot solely rest on three individuals, as this is a national disaster.

This statement comes after a newspaper headline pointed fingers at the top three Security Chiefs, including DCI Amin Mohammed and Police IG Japhet Koome.



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