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Shakahola Massacre Unveiled: Gravedigger’s Shocking Confession

In a shocking development regarding the Shakahola forest massacre, a man believed to be the mastermind behind the grave digging has provided a detailed account of the horrifying events that unfolded during the fasting and killing spree at Pastor Paul Mackenzie’s church in Kilifi County.

The individual, now in police custody, has admitted to consuming the flesh of his victims and drinking their blood. The ongoing exhumation process, initiated three weeks ago, has already unearthed a staggering 235 bodies from shallow graves within the forest.

Joseph Ndono, the suspect identified as the chief gravedigger responsible for the Shakahola massacre, shared his harrowing story with law enforcement authorities and was corroborated by the Standard Digital newspaper.

According to Ndono, the perpetrators introduced radicalized ritual practices aimed at indoctrinating their followers and manipulating their moral compass. The victims were subjected to extreme religious fasting and, in some instances, confined to locked rooms where they were left to perish from starvation. Ndono further revealed that there were deliberate killings conducted with the purpose of extracting internal organs, which were subsequently transported to undisclosed locations.

“In return for my services, which involved digging graves, preparing the deceased, and burying the bodies, I was generously compensated with a substantial amount of money on a daily basis. It was mandatory for me to partake in a ritual involving the consumption of human blood and flesh, as dictated by the cult,” disclosed the apprehended gravedigger during his interrogation with the police in Malindi, as quoted by the Standard Digital newspaper.

Moreover, the gravedigger divulged that there are numerous individuals still interred within the forest, expressing concerns that women and children likely accounted for a significant portion of the fatalities. “In some cases, we targeted those who resisted conforming to the prescribed prayer practices,” added Ndono.

The horrific details shared by the alleged mastermind shed light on the extent of the atrocities committed during the Shakahola forest massacre. The revelations highlight the deeply disturbing nature of the cult’s activities and the immense suffering endured by its victims. The exhumation efforts, aiming to bring closure to the families affected by this tragedy, continue to unearth more evidence of the heinous crimes perpetrated within the depths of the forest.

As the investigation progresses, it is hoped that the authorities will be able to uncover the full extent of the cult’s operations, bring all responsible individuals to justice, and provide support and solace to the grieving families who have endured unimaginable pain. The testimonies of survivors and witnesses like Joseph Ndono are vital in unraveling the sinister web that enveloped the Shakahola forest, and it is imperative that their voices are heard and justice is served.



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