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The Unapologetic Granny’s Guide to Low-Budget Dating

The wise Luo grandmother is back with more valuable advice for men who find themselves helpless in dating scenarios. Recently, her grandson Adigo Digo shared a video on social media, expressing his frustration with the high costs associated with dating city women.


“Mum nimechoka na wasichana wa Nairobi, imagine, Nywele pesa, makucha pesa, mafuta pesa, kila kitu pesa mum (Mum, I’m tired of Nairobi women. They ask for money to make their hair, nails,beauty products and other things),” Adigo lamented.


In response to her grandson’s complaints, the unapologetic granny advised him to seek out “kienyeji” (low-budget) women if he cannot afford the demands of dating city women.


“Wewe ukichoka na wasichana wa Nairobi tafuta kienyeji. Hauna pesa wewe (If you’re tired of Nairobi women, look for low budget ones; you’re broke),” she said.


The granny’s advice has elicited laughter from many, as evidenced by the following reactions:

Nitah De Lastborn said: “At least we’ve got a person to talk on our behalf.”

Matiba3 said: “Mum amesema fom ni kienyeji I support.”

Chipolopolo45 said: “Huyu mokoro walai ana piga shuguli hapa akituchekesha zake zina ingia kwa account… she always makes my day.”

Evenjilist Ekhuya said: “Good advice. Acha kusumbuana na vitu uwezani nazo stress zitakuua.”

Binti Nyognesa said: “Very true. Ka hauna pesa kaa kwenu (if you don’t have money stay in your home).”

Musyoka Esther Mulee said: “Perfectly said.”


In conclusion, the grandmother’s advice is simple yet profound. It is better to date within one’s means than to stress over unaffordable demands.



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