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Uhuru Kenyatta’s Future in Politics: TIFA Poll Results

According to a recent TIFA survey, more than half of Azimio leader Raila Odinga’s supporters desire for retired President Uhuru Kenyatta to continue participating in politics.

The poll revealed that the Kenyan citizens who took part in the study felt that Uhuru should actively support politicians and policies he agrees with.

On the other hand, 45% of Raila’s followers want Uhuru to withdraw from politics, concentrate on his family businesses, and stay away from political affairs.

This result emerged even though Uhuru had vigorously campaigned for Raila during the 2022 general election’s run-up.

The survey recorded that only 4% of respondents remained undecided. TIFA conducted the interviews between March 11 and 19, with 2,065 people.

The interviews were carried out face-to-face at the household level, primarily in Swahili and English, in nine regions: Central Rift, Nyanza, Lower Eastern, Western , Nairobi, Northern, Coast, South Rift, and Mt. Kenya.

The poll’s margin of error was ±2.12%, indicating a high level of accuracy in the survey’s results.



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