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What Are Hemorrhoids? How Can You Diagnose This Disease?

What Are Hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are one of the most common diseases. Changing food habits and lifestyle are the main causes of this disease. According to the official website of the National Library of Medicine, 50 percent of the population of India for example suffers from hemorrhoids at some point in their life, and 5 percent of them are permanently affected.

When the blood vessels in the rectal area become painful, we call it thrush. The blood vessels in the anus become painful when they experience high pressure. There are various causes of this swelling.

The blood vessels in the anus hurt due to high pressure during defecation, taking a long time to defecate, and not going to the toilet for a long time.

Similarly, due to frequent problems with diarrhea, being overweight, eating less fiber foods and water, and lifting heavy objects during exercise, the area of the great anus gets more pressure.

How many types of primary diseases are there?

There are three types of root diseases namely internal, external and baudra. Our eyes do not know what is inside. It rarely causes us discomfort. But when we put pressure on the rectal area sometimes there can be some kind of itching in that area.

As more and more pressure builds up, the inside comes out. That’s what we call an external source. For others it has already happened in the outer regions. We can see what is outside. This causes swelling in the rectal area. Some may bleed and itch.

In some exposed people, the inflamed blood vessels rupture and form blood clots. We call this condition thrombosed hemorrhoids.

What hemorrhoids usually affect people?

As we have already said, people who suffer from internal hemorrhoids experience little discomfort. Therefore, those who come to the hospital are mostly suffering from external or internal hemorrhoids. So according to medical data most people are more affected by disease of external source.

What age group is most affected?

Hemorrhoids can occur at any age. But this problem is more common in people aged 20-50 years.

Likewise, when people in their sixties and seventies experience constipation, it makes them more likely to develop hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are rarely seen in children. Children are more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids in their teenage years due to poor bowel habits, retention of stool, and taking a long time to have a bowel movement.

Does cannibalism also cause hemorrhoids?

Without doubt. Today’s food and lifestyle trends are the main cause of such problems. People who consume a lot of cheese, pizza, maida and other types of fast food get more hemorrhoids.

Similarly, people who consume a small amount of vegetables and water can develop hemorrhoids. Therefore, our eating habits contribute a lot to these problems.

Do people with Hemorrhoids need food restrictions?

Yes. Especially those who are in the early stages of hemorrhoids can correct it through their diet.

Especially as mentioned above, fast food should be avoided.

Likewise, no matter what type of hemorrhoids they suffer from, when they follow a healthy diet, they can feel its positive effects.

Is it true that non-vegetarian foods increase the risk of hemorrhoids?

When we eat non-vegetarian foods like chicken, mutton, beef and pork curry, our stomachs require a lot of water to digest them. If water is not available in sufficient quantity, it causes digestive problems. This can cause discomfort for those with hemorrhoids.

So they can eat non-vegetarian foods like fish or eggs instead of meat. These are easily digestible non-vegetarian foods.

Do Home Remedies Help Hemorrhoids?

Home remedies can only be tried for the early stages of hemorrhoids. For example, eating more vegetables and fruits, drinking cumin water or aniseed water will help them.

When is surgery needed?

After changing food habits and lifestyle, we have to go for surgery even when pills don’t work.

What is the cure for hemorrhoids?

People who suffer from hemorrhoids in the early stages can solve their problems by adjusting their diet and lifestyle and taking some medications.

But when hemorrhoids are severe, surgery is the only option for them. Because they have problems such as constipation during defecation, bleeding, increased flesh until visible, pain when sitting and causing serious problems. So only surgery for this can give good results. Clinical studies now show that surgery reduces the likelihood of hemorrhoids recurring.

Also, even after surgery, it is important for them to follow a healthy diet.

Is there a permanent cure for hemorrhoids?

The only permanent solution is a healthy lifestyle. Some people may have recurrent hemorrhoids even after surgery. So only if we follow a healthy lifestyle and diet, we can always protect ourselves from such side effects.



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