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YouTube reinstates Donald Trump’s account after two-year suspension

After a two-year suspension from the popular video-sharing platform, YouTube has decided to reinstate the account of former US President Donald Trump. This decision comes after similar moves by Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, and Twitter, which is owned by Elon Musk.

In January 2021, YouTube banned Donald Trump from posting videos on its platform for violating its rules on incitement to violence. However, according to a recent announcement from YouTube’s press account, his account is now back online.

In a tweet, YouTube, which is owned by Google, stated that “Starting today, Donald J. Trump’s channel is no longer blocked and can upload new content.” The decision was made after a careful assessment of the ongoing risk of real-world violence, while also considering the need for voters to hear equally from leading national candidates before the election.

It’s worth noting that this channel will still be subject to YouTube’s policies, just like any other channel on the platform. This means that any content that violates YouTube’s rules will be removed, and the account may face further consequences if it continues to violate those policies.



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